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AMBIVALENT CIVILISATION | Have you noticed the sheer ambivalence to rationalism? Social Conformity is one of the strongest driving factors of humanity, not doing what is right.

I see this played out widely across social media, measured by the ambivalent responses to rationalism.

The average human being is being cajoled to think with the reptilian brain, flight or fight, the amygdala. e.g., here is the enemy which we must all fight.

The enemy of our


Their crime?

Working harder

and doing better.

I am not proud of who we are being in this time and in this age. To take a position to stand for human dignity is to polarise people.

Those who don't have high emotional intelligence (as experienced through biochemical emotional self-regulation), aren't even aware they are being emotional. All you can do is teach those who are learning to ascend to logical, rational thought.

You can't do much for those who by pursuing the Neanderthalic ideology of survival of the fittest, have already decided to hurt their neighbour to improve themselves.

Except for being patient and hopeful, that your example of love and kindness will prevail to teach unity in the harmony of humanity.

Such thinking is frowned upon by Neanderthal, who having learned only to weld a stick with which to beat people, beats the drums of war.

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