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etudes to Father

Series of 13 improvised piano pieces that I call #ETUDES.



this music is released with the aim to raise awareness

of parental alienation.

This #creativity is an activity that I embarked on to process grief

around loss of access to my children as a result of #parentalalienation.


"With a vision,

people flourish.

Without a vision,

people perish."



#Childabuse and #spousalabuse by women doesn’t get much air time, and almost no one in our modern society is interested in upholding the role of fathers to raise their children.


Women have a “me too” movement, but men who are being abused by women are invisible - in plain sight.

As a consequence, I would like to leverage my creativity to bring to public attention the fact that on average, 2.4 men kill themselves per day in Australia alone.

It deeply disturbs me that there is presently something of an epidemic of women abusing men. I have therefore decided to leave a permanent testimony to my love and grief for my beloved children. This work speaks for itself in terms of the genuine emotion expressed in the pieces. I am fortunate to have a creative outlet, but most men have no such relief.

It is my personal experience that NZ And AU government departments behave in a sociopathic manner, which significantly contributes to those deaths. I say sociopathic, because sociopathic traits are clearly present in the disconnected and dis-associative behaviour of personnel from government agencies. This is not a unknown issue. It is well documented that more than 40% of CEO's exhibit sociopathic traits.

The sole focus of an emotionally dispassionate administration is for the numerical, fiscal, financial or a QUANTITATIVE approach to managing social justice. Whereas, when it comes to an effective social justice, a QUALITATIVE approach is needed that seeks to uphold the human rights act, the bill of rights and constitutional law that underpin the well-being of a citizen. Including upholding Hague Convention on human rights rules for well being of children.

The reason that human rights rules are not upheld, is largely due to the fact the government departments are run by departmental rules, with no training on human rights.

Government employees do not understand how to uphold human rights. Instead, departmental rules are passed on down, without being processed or filtered adequately through human rights rules for critically important qualitative, contextual decision making.

The vast majority of people I speak to, have no idea what the 30 human rights are. Once people learn that they are in clear breach of the human rights act, they are mortified.

The evidence of inhumane behaviour within Western society and culture is damning, in terms of an epidemic suicide rate among fathers who are being manipulated by women for personal financial gain.

This epidemic of male suicide, due to parental alienation is well known among advocates, but is also; societal Taboo.

We exist within an feminist environment that has, while attempting to seek a much needed justice for abused women, has been hijacked by narcissistic women, who have enabled a systemic emasculation of fathers and the destruction of families.

The impacts of this epidemic are far reaching.

It is well known among psychologists that children who are victimized by mothers who cause parental alienation, are traumatized, often experiencing issues well into adult life and adult relationships.

Harvard Business School has much to say about Emotional intelligence contributing a factor of 90% towards success in adult life.

We gain much of the information that we need to self regulate emotions and self manage our emotional responses, from observed behavior of adults. Women who alienate children from men are causing significant disadvantage.

Speaking again to the consequences, the vast majority of male deaths by suicide are due to child access and related issues. I call this manslaughter. Because the intent to harm men is both willful and premeditated.

In the United Kingdom, psychologists are working to make Parental Alienation a criminal offence. Hopefully other countries will follow, and the systems for managing bad actors among parents can be mitigated through improving both qualitative and more balanced methods.

For example, in my case, my children were deceptively and unlawfully removed from their home country by their mother, who was having an affair. NZ Government agencies assisted this behaviour, without ever assessing or discussing this with the father. The New Zealand Police would not act on a Interpol order because "departmental rules" suggested that they should not get involved in domestic disputes, despite an Australian Federal Police Warrant.

If I can inspire even one person to become cognitively aware that a parental alienation epidemic is happening, if this post contributes to saving the life of even one dad, then that's one less family within which the children will grow up without a father and be emotionally and psychologically crippled for life.

Parental alienation is child abuse,

but it is also a form of psychological

warfare that destroys good men.



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