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Glyniverse | READING | Do you like to read? Here is how you can quickly connect to the underlying ideas by some of the worlds greatest thinkers. Ideas that accumulate into who are are being and what we are doing today.

Amazon connects Amazon Kindle Reader to the reading lists of your friends, when you connect via Facebook.

Why do this?

You will be able to see all the books that a person has read, what they are currently reading, what they would like to read and also see reviews.

Imagine if you could study all the books that led to Einstein being Einstein or get the same knowledge as Elon Musk! In fact every person is a walking library of accumulated information.

Gaining access to a reading list can present as a strong advantage.


I welcome you to see the wide variety of books and learning that forms part of the basis of my approach to informing and educating all my current endeavours.

From understanding DARK PSYCHOLOGY ( to fight narcissism, sociopathy and psychopathy) to the art and science of EMPATHY or delving into and learning from ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS to decide the future fate of our humanity and our FUTURE IN SPACE.

I am putting together curated book lists that will make it easier to connect to the 360+ books that I currently own in my Kindle Library. In total, I have over 2000 books across various subscriptions and so this is just the tip of the reading ice berg.


If you have any questions about why I am reading various material, I am happy to answer your questions via free membership of my website community at

If you like the ideals that I promote, I welcome you to connect to the Glyniverse company page, right here on my website.

The word Glyniverse, while obviously inclusive of my name, hints not at the idea that I am selfish, but rather that learning to look inwardly, we may each find a universe within ourselves.

As I coach some of the worlds leading advisors (we have 250+ in RCN Asia and I have coached over 1500 more during my career), the starting point is to understand that we do not see things as they are, we see them as we are.

Perceptions form cognitive, perceptive bias.

Yet within the sacred space of honouring dignity, each person may become like a mirror for the other, assisting to reflect on who we are being within what we are doing.

Entering the Glyniverse is a journey to understand oneself.

Being able to read a book list, just as with a musical playlist,

is to begin a journey to understand each others soul.

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