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Supporting the ascension

of leaders through virtue.

Come share in the discovery of how leaders

can bring harmony to humanity.


Over the coming months I will be sharing insights

into what it is that makes an ascendant leader.

Emotional Intelligence (EI) represents 90% of what it takes to move up the corporate ladder. Beyond EI, we have CI (Cultural Intelligence) and beyond CI, we have SI, Sentient Intelligence, the benevolent pinnacle of human cognitive consciousness. Star Trek fans will have seen these ideas in the series of movies and TV shows that look to how we regulate and moderate our behaviour, beyond borders and into space.

Everything is going to have to change.

We are better, together.

And so we begin.

Ascension relates to developing self-discipline in the self-mastery of our biology, our psychology, and our habitual behaviours. Ascendant thinkers, learn to make the shift beyond the biochemical impulses of the endocrine system and the consequences of amygdaloid, feudalistic, self-oriented thinking. If the following resonates with you, please subscribe for more as we prepare ourselves to be the change that matters to leadership beyond earth's borders and all that we know. The best way to predict your new future, is to recreate yourself.


To facilitate the harmony of humanity,

through the cognitive ascension

of leaders.


Support a new generation of leaders

to bring dignity to humanity.


Inspire, encourage, and empower humanity,

to greater self-love and the love of others,

through creativity and innovation. 



For human beings to ascend to our highest state of conscious cognitive sentience, and to our ultimate role as benevolent caretakers of our universe, we must first learn to master our carnal or physical nature. There is nothing mystical about this whatsoever. We must learn physical and emotional self-regulation.


Very few people are taught that our biology, especially the endocrine system, and chiefly, the amygdala, has a material impact on our cognitive consciousness. Our diets, sleep and exercise have a fundamental impact on how we think. If we are to improve how we think and behave, we must also understand that it's not just what we are teaching, but how we are teaching that is just not working.


We know that teaching is not working, because we live in a feudalistic world in which it is commonplace to cause mass scale indignity. The very definition of insanity is to do the same thing and expect a different result. The test that we are improving, is evidenced in the improvement of the dignity of the people all around us.




We also live in an age in which there is a quantifiable prevalence of psychological dark traits, present at all levels of governance. Whether this is the 40% of CEOs that exhibit at least a few sociopathic traits, or in large populations that have a propensity towards narcissistic traits. Dark psychology is a growing trend. This is reflected in the elevated level of neglect and a lack of care towards the dignity of humanity. This reflects in statistics such as, we have the highest levels of slavery and human trafficking on historical record. Elevated levels of suicide, everywhere. Wars, rumours of wars, conflicts, and feuds worldwide. 

Leadership must evolve. 

Ascendant principles find their basis in ideas like the 119 virtues, the 30 human rights, and the principles of philosophy and psychology over 10,000 years of humanity's development.

I am here to help leaders to make the shift,



the self-oriented feudalistic mindset,

which sees the devil in the detail,

the problem with the opportunity

and the conflict of interest,

from a selfish nationalistic,

borderline perspective. 


seeing the angel in the detail,

the opportunity in the problem

and the confluence of interest,

as we move beyond borders,

and into space to become

gardeners of our universe. 

So far,

I have embarked on a project-by-project basis, getting alongside the thought leaders, who help the leaders to help the people, at a very strategic level of key person development. I am learning, there is a greater need for people to unlearn the wrong ideas they have been taught that have led to ideologies such as colonialism and feudalism.

For this reason, my mentees have come to call me, 



Someone who has identified what it means to be human right, who can then compare with how and why we are begin human wrong, then map out a path from indignity to dignity for the individual and the group. The common virtue method applies to facilitating the harmony of any group, by establishing a common set of inherently agreed natural law principles that exist outside of dogma and inside of behavioural transformation.


Many of our old ideas provide no logical advantage to the dignity of humanity. We can restore the natural order of our conscience to uphold dignity by reprogramming positive law (regulations) to cooperate with delivering the dignity inherent in natural law. Of the people, by the people, for the people. An example of this is the inalienable human right to be recognised for your work, intellectual property, known as moral rights holding. The Supreme Court has upheld human rights covenants, in cases where employment or other agreements have taken the right to be recognised for your work away. And yet almost every employment or other kind of IP agreement seeks to unlawfully waive that inalienable human right. Our lawyers are highly trained, but very few have ever been trained to know Human Rights. When we undermine natural law, we create reasons for people to rebel.


The same applies to governance. 

We have few ethical or moral evaluation metrics applied to the psychology of those who represent us. As a consequence, we express surprise when yet another narcissist, sociopathy or psychopath is holding people to ransom. This can happen in small groups, large organisations and for entire civilisations. 


While I have learned much throughout my life and works, I have learned that we are all on the path ascending at various stages together. Wisdom is not the gift of the chosen few, it belongs to everyone, and is inherent in our experiences. You already have wisdom, but the strong drive of social conformity to bad ideas, could be causing you to mistrust your own good ideas. In which case, a good mentor is a mirror capable of reflecting you, back to you, so that you can see your own ideas more clearly. Then develop faith in your ideas and a critical path to execute them.

We can support each other's growth by aggregating and sharing wisdom as a fruit from the tree of our life experience. And since no individual can see the whole picture, it will take all of us, along with all our shared insights, to see the universe as it truly is. 

Welcome to our shared journey. 

And to Wisdom for Life. 

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