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Dont throw people under the bus. Be their bus driver.

UNDER THE BUS.  How many times in your lifetime have people that should have honoured you, thrown you under the bus because of their ego? I like to think that I am a kind and fair person. 

Don’t we all say that? 

The true measure of our integrity is feedback from the people around us, about how well we support them.

That goes for all of us.  To my mind, 

honour and dignity are paramount to the way that I fundamentally like to live my life. 

Once upon a time, as a slower, but longer distance endurance runner, I ran a shorter race and ended up over taking a weak and frail, handicapped guy at school. 

I made the choice to stay back with him, buddy up and give him the dignity of not being last across the line. 

I received no medals for that behaviour, but it defines who I am today. 

The guy who works longest and hardest, who eats last (or not at all) and who has become one strong because of my service to others 

I would rather die, than to see a weaker person than myself lose their dignity. I think it is wrong to take advantage of people weaker than yourself. 

I consider that it is my job and my calling to uphold those who can not uphold themselves. 

We have a responsibility to support people.


Ok, so God made me strong enough to carry other people. And then I decided to become strong enough to carry even more people. At times, I have helped thousands of people, literally saving lives by contributing the most I could to elevate people above myself. 

Raising $1.4 million for cancer organisations, establishing the programs for Zeal, New Zealand’s most popular youth centre or helping 700,000 people for free in Cryptocurrency. 

And yet. 

LEARN TO BE A BUS DRIVER.  Weak people. Focus only on themselves. They do not honour the people in their lives because they do not have honour for themselves. This weakness. 

This need to exploit people.  It comes from a lack of self love.  An abused person does not know how to love themselves. They have been taught to hate themselves, dislike that extends to others. Forgiveness. Leads to self love. Understanding that the abusers did not love themselves and turned to spite to gain some dignity, for themselves. 

The irony is that the true blessing of life comes from giving. It is truly more blessed to give than it is to receive. 

A selfish person is denying themselves the opportunity to give, to get.  Their injurious ire only perpetuates a cycle of indignity and disrespect that pays forward generationally. 

Reducing blessing. 

THE KEYS TO THE BUS.  We must break the chains that bind us. By forgiving past generations. Being the better person. And forging a new way of heart. Virtue is something that you decide. It is a conscious act of compassion. I will turn up, I will be there for you. 

I will be there for all of you!  I have your back and your life. I will uphold you, no matter what. This is my free will choice. To load the bus with the most people possible and help them all. Then go back for some more people and improve life for them too. 

This is what great innovators do. 

They solve human problems. 

The collaborate, humanise. Or Will you again throw some one under the bus. Who are you being? The destroyer? Or The maker of many human worlds? Will you dispose of annoying people routinely due to your own emotional weaknesses? Or 

Will you humble and transform yourself through service, to become the bus driver that changes thousands of lives!? I say, Get on the bus and drive. 

You now have the keys. 


Inspired by Dean Walker. 

A generous, faithful man. 

#underthebus #leadership #service #giving #innovation

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