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Bitcoin security = Audit + Fix.

Fraud & Scam Prevention.

Bitcoin Recovery. 



Growth of the adoption of bitcoin has led to an increasing number of people contacting me because they have lost their bitcoin (or other digital currencies) through scams, hacks, fraud, forgetting passwords, losing wallet data or access and plain old bad luck.



Back when the value of Bitcoin was low, investors let loss slide and put it down to learning. Now that bitcoin is valuable, it's really important to protect that value, preventing against loss and getting it back if you've lost it.

The trick is to make this kind of service cost efficient. I know what I'm doing, so I can be quick and charge relatively low fees, while efficiently and effectively optimising security across key areas of your technology systems. 

Some are charging massive fees to reclaim lost value from fraud - e.g. 1 x Bitcoin plus 10% of recovered Bitcoin as minimum fees. At the time of writing that is around US$17,000, which is a ridiculous amount of money to pay. Whereas a forensic, data driven, methodical approach is needed.  



I got into Bitcoin early, and coming from FinTech, I was already expert in many of the underlying internet/cloud based financial and security technologies. I had also lead complex accounting advisory industry programs, which audited business process optimisation, including financial and accounting fraud prevention. I learned, and then taught accounting advisory best practices in fraud diagnostics. 



I was first approached by members of the BitClubNetwork community, where a known trickster had posed as a mentor, systematically scamming a number of people in the community. BitClub did nothing to moderate this behaviour. Victims told none of their friends out of embarrassment. Their greed and naivety had allowed them to be scammed. This meant no one reported the scammer, so I stepped in to help. I was able to discretely track down and corner the thief. I fully recovered my clients bitcoin. 


Later, my reputation for success spread through word of mouth. I was approached by people from as far away as Nigeria, Hawaii and USA. In every case, I was able to track down the identity of the thief. In some cases I was able to get either full or part recovery. In one case, the identity of the thief was known, by tracking this down to a User ID on a University Campus Computer. My client didn't want to engage the Nigerian police in the recovery, due to fear of corruption and reprisal. My work is international in scale. One of the best cases, was tracking down a binary options Ponzi scheme fraudster, pressuring them, until they caved in and paid my client. Being expert at payments systems, I was able to quickly create a cross border commerce system to capture that payment for my client. So I'm not just a sleuth, I have a variety of skills that I deploy to help my clients. All those skills are needed.  



At one point I became the most read writer on on all aspects of Digital Currency, achieved by posting comments on the Bitcoin recovery work that I have done. I have now helped over 500,000 readers on This has lead to my being asking to prevent identity theft, fraud and scams. My free advice is available on Quora as a self-service. 



Paid service. Prevention is better than cure. I recommend to conduct a full security audit of a computer, establish who REALLY has access, control that access and then establish 2FA across wallets, in a safe web browsing environment with firewall backed protection. 



I gained my reputation in FinTech for my extensive REAL WORLD experience. I fully immersed into Blockchain and Bitcoin early on, actually living off Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. Using all the wallets and exchanges meant that I had become more familiar with the real world environment. It would surprise you that not that many people who talk about Blockchain or Bitcoin, actually use it day to day. I buy all my groceries with Bitcoin and coach people to convert Bitcoin to EFTPOS and VISA DEBIT. This online and financial technology experience matters, because I know what to look for.



My service initially involves installing TEAM VIEWER remote support software on PC or MAC (I am expert at both). With your permission, I come in and take over the computer to check firewall settings, look for malicious files like spyware and adware, remove bad programs like ransomwares, anti-virus programs and lastly fix security issues. I then go through the implementation of Apple, Google and Microsoft accounts, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari password protection and with Apple, securing Keychain and making password and access control available and accessible only to the authorised user(s). Usually this process also fixes any user account issues with APPLE, GOOGLE and MICROSOFT that may have been bugging you and makes it easy to safely remember passwords. My diagnostic service usually leads to optimising your entire system, making recommendations on hardware, software and optimisation of programs.



All up, the service can take from 1 to 3 hours, depending on how much of a mess the system is, but as this is a fixed fee of AU$300 you won't pay more if it is a full three hours.

Where required, initial Bitcoin recovery diagnostics are included in the $300 - we treat this as a diagnostic to explore if it is going to be cost efficient and effective to recover your bitcoin.


As I secure the systems, I am also doing forensic work, cataloguing hexadecimal and other bitcoin strands of code and account numbers, creating a framework of identity and connections, in preparation for process of elimination. I find IP addresses, DNS and hosting servers, web admin accounts and other data which allows us to understand if it is going to be worthwhile to go after the person or organisation that took your value. 

Where it is mutually agreed that it is worthwhile to recover your bitcoin, I then estimate the time and effort required to track down the identity and recover the value.



Usually this will involve a one-off additional value paid to me for identifying the name and location of the thief for prosecution and a separate value for the actual recovery. How much that is, really depends on the resource and effort required to successfully recover the value. This is why we establish cost efficiency first. If the value of recovery is the same as the value lost, it's not worth it, unless you want to put the criminal behind bars and use me to do this. I can't do that for free, because I'm a gun for hire, but I won't take additional value if there is no chance of recovery. I will be honest with you about your situation.  


Bitcoin Security

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