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Getting Real

By G.J.MacLean

Getting Real.

Situational awareness.

It would probably surprise you, that the vast majority of people are unable to process the level of incoming data from daily life situations.

This is especially true when it comes to learning something new.

In the case of how we perceive our environment, the brain will focus only on what it already knows. The brain will seek to correlate pattern recognition from the environment, by referencing this to what is already known.

As a consequence of this process, if there are new data inputs, then in most situations, these new inputs are actually invisible to people.

Yes, invisible.

We may relate this invisibility to the negative aspect of cognitive dissonance. In fact, what is really happening; is the reticular activating system is trained to search for pattern recognition.

Not to seek unknowns,

but to seek knowns.

In fact, the entire basis of human cognitive capability is based on matching what is known with what is seen. If what is seen does not correspond with what is known, it is for the most part, invisible.

Which leads us to develop

our powers of observation.

Regarding observation, we should be teaching and learning cognitive situational awareness through scientific observation.

Seeing things as they really are.

We must first see what is actually there.

Catalog all that exists within a scene, and evaluate the scene only based on the observed evidence.

That’s not how perception works.

We do not see things as they are,

we see things as we are.

For this reason, two different people will describe a situation quite differently from each other, despite observing the same scene.

This lack of situational awareness is very significant and affects most people, including that this is especially applicable to academic people.

Anyone who is trained to conform to a system, will impose the patterns of their conformity across any new system. In my experience, academic people are the flat out worst at accurately assessing reality.

Whereas anyone who is trained to be divergent, will seek to see a system and its components from a pragmatic viewpoint.

It is what it is.

It is not what it is not.

And this is why many projects fail.

Due to a lack of situational awareness.

The incapacity to perceive

what is really happening.

Due to the imposition of projected expectation as a virtual reality, governed by the illusory mind.

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