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Humanising Technology

Ascend Leadership | HUMANISING TECHNOLOGY - as an early adopter with decades of experience across the mass scale adoption of bleeding edge technologies. User experience feedback has taught me that we need to REHUMANISE our approach to the use of technologies.

Instead of dehumanising ourselves and adapting our normal behaviours to abnormally service technology and profit the tech industry, perhaps we ought to look to how we can adapt technology to the service of our own humanity.

The anti-industrial movement of the early 1900s demonstrated concern regarding how natural-life would degrade with the advent of technology.

Life did degrade.

We disconnected from the reality of nature, oftentimes destroying the very nature of the environments that have cocooned and protected us.

We have lost so much of the better aspects of our former earth-life. And we have lost the best aspects of our human interaction through the dissociative experience of technology.

A technology that is repeatedly attempting to take us away from reality and from real-human-experience.

Whether it is Mark Zuckerberg's attempts to dehumanise by making people an Avatar within environments where few identities are real or valid, or Apple releasing goggles that create a facial mask barrier. Demonstrating by example to kids that we are not truly present, we are someplace else disconnected from them.

The new normal is to be fake. Yet the world needs to get real. We don't need barriers. We need real connection.

And this is why I am so excited by Humane™.

Coming later this year is a connective technology called Humane Ai Pin.

This excites me, because we have seen what this interaction looks like on Star Trek. People are truly present in the moment with each other. Technology is invisible and unobtrusive to the human interaction. Augmenting and enhancing the human engagement discreetly and succinctly, without obstruction.

Humane is humanity, amplified and exemplified.

Attention span, critical thought and emotional intelligence grow when we return to human interaction that is normal for humans and supported by rehumanising technologies.

Learn more here:

NB: This is not an advert. I am personally a fan of Humane's ethos.

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