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Better, together.

Enterprising people, eventually evolve beyond self-interest, valuing stakeholders in order to achieve the full yield of lifetime value. Givers, Get. Ideas like “Demanding” value have no future. The ultimate democratisation of value is in “Demonstrating” that your idea has genuine value. That your idea solves a genuine problem, at scale, for all stakeholders. Your empathetic solution will become the inherent value that attracts a lot of loyal, happy customers because it resolves a key point of pain. ROI becomes self-perpetuating where this multi-stakeholder value is a constant. Therefore ‘Giving’ builds an expansive future, while taking belongs to a contracting past. I often think, “Perhaps we should be more like gardeners, who take care to manage an ecosystem in balance, so that everything in the garden can grow.” Better, Together. The ancient three sisters gardening process teaches us that many things work together in harmony. Plants are different for a reason, to help each other. Perhaps we can also learn to celebrate each other’s differences, working to become harmonious and synchronous to seek confluence of interest, each within our own stakeholder ecosystems. GjM - Glyn MacLean Managing Director of Red Circle Network. Creator of Digital Pathway to China and China Business Ready Programs. #china #wechat #marketing #export #ecommerce #digitalmarketing #channel #partner #strategy  

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