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The Humanity Machine

Together, we are a Humanity machine. The intelligent mind has the capacity for pattern recognition. Step back from the microcosm to perceive how many elements may form together to become a system. At one time or another, we each may have felt like ‘just another cog in the wheel’. Felt unimportant or irrelevant. Why are we unique in our sameness? Yet the absence of even the smallest part in an engine will stop that engine altogether. We are each different shapes and sizes, having variances that may appear as ‘faults’. Yet we are each a part of a perfect design for humanity to fit and function together, collaboratively. Supporting each other’s strengths and weaknesses, through a movement of energy and form to become an engine for harmony. Like the dance of molecules, that forms solidity, our behaviours towards harmonisation with each other, may form a benevolent humanity machine. The humanity machine congregates, with a creative and collaborative benevolence in order to harmonise reality. Our divine purpose to improve the mastery that we have over the dignity and harmony of all life in an ever expanding universe. We are each to learn to see the cycle of patterns as if the steps in a dance the size of a universe. Come, take my hand, let’s dance. We expand our humanity, evolving each other beyond our lower state of self orientation, to become orientated to how we may each interplay well with others to improve the state of all life. The humanity engine first state. Self love. The humanity engine second state. Love of others. The humanity engine third state. The love of all that has breath. All living beings have sentience. The humanity engine fourth state. The love of all that has life. All living things have sentience. The humanity engine fifth state. The perception of all energy. All energy has sentience. The humanity engine sixth state. Inter dimensional Communion. The ability to see what may Not be seen with the Human senses. Divine Connection. GjM 

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