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2021 music

If you’re a musician or creative producer it may Interest you to see how I’m producing my work output in 2021. This video walks through the hardware equipment being used. I’ll cover off how I create the sounds and editing later.

During 2020 I composed, produced, published and licensed all my instrumental tracks. This year my focus is on a three year project to complete all my songwriting works. Aiming to produce up to 100 songs from 40 years of songwriting.

This work will be expressed across GLYN MACLEAN in the singer songwriter style, ALMS ELECTRONICA in upbeat dance and ambient style and HOBOS REBELLION in the Blues/Jazz/Country style.

My intent is to create these as authentically original as I can, not to make money, win awards or impress people, this is for my self improvement and the joy of creativity. Also as a legacy to inspire my children and all who my enjoy this work to embrace their creativity.

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