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Under the same sky that cried tears, rain, dissipating the heat of life, from the forlorn, forsaken cold, last breath of George Floyd.

Despite the obvious moral necessity, each of us has struggled to tear the scab off our wounded morality; of which collectively, ‘we’ have been in denial.

A civilisation Desensitised to understand how we may each play a role in both perpetrating breaches, and the upholding of Civil Rights.

The treatise to moral dilemmas is well portrayed in the 2017 film Roman J. Israel, Esq, went unnoticed and tanked at the box office.

Not me, not I.

The moral dilemma.

We live in an all too often disconnected and dissociative, yet aptly titled ‘civilisation’, turning a blind eye to social injustice.

A governance which has brutally reframed and relabelled the oppression and discarding of those it was supposed to serve and protect, those who are now known as the troublesome group among us suffering from ‘mental health’ issues.

Issues of social justice.

Perhaps we could trouble ourselves to watch the darker aspects of self, as portrayed by art as our mirror. And through our sorrow, find the heart of our compassion.

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