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A Covid Christmas Carol


As I write there is a New Zealand song going viral on TikTok, the most popular Chinese app in the USA, that almost got banned by the West. The song is called How Bizarre and it really seems to fit what we have experienced in 2020.

2020 has been quite possibly the most chaotic time that we have known. At least since humanity crept up out of the ocean and tried to climb trees with fins. Einstein taught us that if you want to make a fish look stupid, just ask it to climb a tree.

Human beings are intensely social. They were told not to socialise.

For a year.

Wind back to when we were fish crawling out of the ocean, we learned to evolve.

Grew out of our old habits, flipped our flippers and took on the monkey business.

Bada bing bada boom.

Here we are now.

Bipedal humans.

Isn’t it wonderful how we have evolved?

Fast forward to 2020 and everyone looks like a mask wearing bandit.

Speaking of bandits, we end the year with the most talked about world leader pardoning the US war criminals who committed atrocities, Including murdering women and children.

Then our Australian leader celebrates an award given to him by a US President who will be remembered for systemically undermining democracy. His final act to pardon the corrupt cronies who were proven to undermine democracy.

He has appalling ethics.

I thought it poignant therefore to honour the main bad political actor who has so adversely affected western moral behaviour.

Many thanks to Charles Dickens whose creative work taught us the moral fortitude to contend with Trumplestiltskin, the angry bridge troll of political bipartisanship

who is the inspiration in this Christmas video.


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