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A cure for virtue


Beware consorting with those who have forsaken themselves to compassion.

A malady besets the folk who tarry their time with the empathetic, for the may each catch a lifetime case of virtue.

A cure for virtue.

The best way to avoid contracting a case of virtue, may consist of positioning oneself to persist to become disconnected, disaffected and dissociative from all incoming sources of a multitude of voices confessing their pain.

Those who listen to pain, are likely to experience symptoms such as compassion, understanding and ultimately, may display considerable amounts of charity.

Citizens who experience such conditions are likely to be affected by a lifetime of virtue.

Should you wish to avoid catching virtue, simply ignore anyone who complains.

It is well known to the 1% of people who really matter, that a course of apathy and neglect, followed immediately by the application of narcissism and sociopathy; will enable those afflicted by compassion, to mitigate the impacts of virtue.

The accusation and blame of the victim, who may be expressing a social injustice, will position the victim as being the abuser, who has caused their own pain.

This remedy is being deployed very well by journalists and politicians. Following these public health instructions will remediate the afflictions of a good conscience.

Your case of virtue will swiftly dissipate. Sincerely, For Ebenezer

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