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A unique and proven way to become a rain maker.

Here is a unique way to earn your reputation as a RAIN MAKER.

As a technology sales person, no one would argue against the fact that the biggest achievement in any tech organisation is to become valued by your organisation as a RAIN MAKER.

A RAINMAKER is 'THE' person who delivers significant value to the organisation and as a consequence of this value, is usually the highest paid person in the organisation.

Wouldn't that be great!

During my time as a channel development manager, I was responsible for creating new partnerships and channels to create mass scale value for technology companies.

My experiences led to developing an integrated or interdisciplinary value engagement model, that took all stakeholders in account.



What does this mean?

Become CUSTOMER CENTRIC around the key points of value that matter to your stakeholders.

Treating both internal and external stakeholders as your customers.

Your internal work colleagues become customers and every other kind of external contact is also a customer or STAKEHOLDER.

The algorithm?

VX | VALUE EXCHANGE is a functional (qualitative or things that you do) component of a value transformation engine. A combination of value matrices (metrics and algorithms) identify and deliver stakeholder value.

Sound too complicated?

We can only manage what we measure.

And if we are not measuring, we are not managing.

Value measurement and management consists of QUANTITATIVE (NUMBERS) and QUALITATIVE (ACTIONS) that deliver value.

Which can then be delivered as an algorithm.


Every business has such an algorithm.

At the high end of strategic management, we are responsible for a thing called LIFETIME VALUE, which in marketing could manifest early on in the rain making algorithm as COST PER ACQUISITION (CPA), and lead to the economy of energy of a value transformation model or system.


Finding this too complicated?

You may need some mentoring.

If this feels frustrating to you or irrelevant, then you may be low on the competency scale.

Your emotion around this post should be, fear of loss, fear of missing out and excitement about the opportunity to become number one. If you are not feeling any of these, get out of sales.

For those still with me, the algorithmic model goes:





Two of these you know.

UX for User eXperience and CX for for Customer eXperience.

Two of these are not part of the typical training you would receive.

PX is Partner eXperience and VX is Value eXperience.

As a sales person, you should admonish the sales leader who you are accountable to, if they are forcing you to contact masses of incorrect people, wasting your time and your energy through interactions that have no value to the stakeholder.

This curates brand damage.

Whereas, if you are known as a person who creates value for your stakeholders, then your stakeholders will become your champions and promoters, and you will EARN YOUR REPUTATION as a RAIN MAKER.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Aug 31, 2021

Thank you for sharing. Sometimes it is easy to forget the big picture, this helps keep things in perspective.

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