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Advance Australia


Australia needs to find its identity as a multicultural nation.

Not as a colony of the British Empire, subject to the will of the Queen of England. Not as a sycophant nation, subservient to US foreign policy under an increasingly morally bankrupt USA leadership.

As a Soverign, multicultural nation.

As a valued member of a global community.

As a pioneering nation in space civilisation

and leader in space resource mining.

Those in power who who think they can continue a politics based on the childishness of adversarial behaviour, are relics of a feudal past.

Ultimately it is up to Australian citizens to relegate them to the past.

I believe that we will see this change happen within a generation.

Australia will find its place, exercise independent sovereignty and advance collective participation.

But not with the old way of thinking.

Not with the old middle aged white men,

chinking and rattling their

rusty old sabres.

These men will become distant echoes.

They will be forgotten and irrelevant.

The future belongs to

the visionary.

It belongs to you.

Claim it when you vote.

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