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Anzac Tribute

Anzac Tribute

By Glyn MacLean

Back in 2007 I composed and then submitted a music soundtrack to inspire remembrance.

The Returned Services Association (RSA) of New Zealand formally adopted the Anzac Tribute soundtrack for broad use across New Zealand.

RSA also endorsed my remembrance promotion targeting a broader Kiwi audience and the sound track became the number one digital download at a time before iTunes and Spotify.

A number of newspaper articles and radio interviews also helped to take the track into mainstream use across New Zealand.

I have since then made the composition freely available for anyone across Australia and New Zealand to use in Anzac Day ceremonies.

In the video I combine scenes from the Gallipoli movie in order to share a sense of the courage of men.

Yet the truth is that such loss of life might not have happened if we could learn from history.

The footage of Gandhi’s peaceful resistance is entwined with the narrative with a perspective that we may fight for democracy, human rights and freedom in other ways.

Lest we forget and remembrance are therefore leading us to a higher minded approach to how we deal with conflict.

We may find more peaceful resolutions by loving our neighbour as ourselves and seeking to find common ground.

And so it is that many people stood today at the edge of their property, in a solemn remembrance of the sacrifice of our forbearers.

Yet we have a war of our own against an unseen enemy, a pandemic that has united the world in a common purpose to love our neighbour as ourselves.

We have demonstrated our love for each other through staying at home and by social distancing.

A time will come when we hold each other dearly again. Until then, and on this day, we stand together in our spirits, in solemn gratitude for the fallen.

We will remember them.


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