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The composition which became an offical anthem for remembrance.


I am proud to have composed this poignant soundtrack (which I have put here to the footage of Gallipoli) and was deployed for official use by RSA NZ in 2007.

Before Spotify and Apple became popular, this track was the number one download on Anzac Day 2007.

Broadcast on NewstalkZB and used in Anzac Day ceremonies in New Zealand, the digital campaign that I created for RSA changed the way that RSA engaged the public through digital media.

A consequence of the campaign success was that I appeared in two short documentaries with CTV and TV1 Close Up. I also performed a sold out live concert in Christchurch.

And it all started with my taking a chance to approach RSA and asking.... "What do you think we should do with this?" They said, "What do YOU think we could do with this?" The rest is history.

The self-produced composition is original. I perform all the instruments that you hear in the recording.

The explosions and gun fire that you hear at the beginning, are authentic recordings from historical soundtrack libraries, of the actual gunfire and explosions from that period. Authentic.

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