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AUSTRALIA DAY JAN 26, 2022 - Why we need to face the truth about the narrative history that we buried of INVASION DAY, on this day in history. And how we can restore the dignity of First People to become a deeply committed multiculturally inclusive society.

I have mixed thoughts and feelings about celebrating Australia Day.

It is fair to say that I call Australia home, I love Australians and I have a very deep love for Australia. Committed to prospering and supporting Australian people, democracy, and human rights.

But that's my problem.

I have a deep knowledge of constitutional democracy and have studied human rights, all the way back to the Cyrus Cylinder and the first decrees to uphold human dignity in recorded history. Also broken hearted about the lack of Australian sensitivity to get down to earth about who we need to become as culturally inclusive people.

Firstly, I'm a New Zealand Citizen, living under one of three tiers of Permanent Visa's that are racist by their very nature, a prejudicial system of superiority or inferiority, based on your race.

I find this tiered system racially offensive.

As Kiwis, we have always defended Australians. We put our lives on the line for Australia, then we get treated by the Australian government like we are a nuisance.

Yet no Australian I have ever met, reflects this behaviour.

Bizarrely, only those who write policy in Canberra think Kiwis should be treated worse than Australians. Conversely, when an Aussie stays in New Zealand, they are treated as an equal.

As Kiwis, we contribute very significantly to the Australian economy. We often pay more tax but receive fewer services. It's a racist policy, no different functionally from Apartheid.

I know how it feels to live in a country that I love, knowing that I am classified as something less than anyone else. Despite being of high virtue and value to the country, I'm the poor cousin.

Which supports my empathy for the Aboriginal First People.

Who on this day are shamefully disrespected.

I am aware that Jan 26 marks AUSTRALIA INVASION DAY for the indigenous or First People, who are the true Sovereigns of Australia.

We are still living with the hangover of what truly has been a self-entitled, white supremacist, colonial, feudalism, within which we have gleefully celebrated the subjugation of a race of people like nothing ever happened.

We lack empathy.

We are selfish.


Here now to honour the First People.

On this day in history, terrible atrocities


To dissociate from the cause and consequence of the impacts of this day in history is at the very least, a gross lack of empathy, at the most, sociopathic.

While 84% of Australians

say that they want a multicultural society,

this won't be achieved by apathy or dissociation.

Australia needs to learn from the past by acknowledging that having a colonial celebration of conquering-by-genocide, is not demonstrating an effective democracy or a capacity for being human right.


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