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The working public often receives bad advice. We are surprised when that advice turns out to be bad, because 'experts' assured us that they were right. So are all experts 'really' experts?

I especially find this is the case with cryptocurrency and blockchain. I had lectured alongside Microsoft at major conventions (I have lectured to over 30,000 people) and had the Microsoft Blockchain evangelist quoting my presentation, with attendees including a Stock Exchange.

We have to get over the fact that a BSC, MBA or PHD means that a person is an expert. In the real world, systems integrate and connect to each other. Specialisation is the opposite of what is necessary to innovate the future. Because we need to understand interoperability.

Data interchange.

An example of this is understanding we have multiple layers of technology operating in succession with each other.

From ODBC to API

to Smart Contracts

and beyond.

Many systems are grandfathered on ODBC (Open Database Connection) and some don't connect to the internet. Mass scalability? LOL.

Genuine experts are involved in the real-world application of technology, working out how we get from there (old) to here (now) and connect to there (future). They have practical experience with the hands-on application of their knowledge as a strategists, architects and engineers.

Another case in point?

The advent of 5G.

The higher a frequency gets, the less distance it can travel.

Many experts are promoting how much better 5G is, without understanding that it's much worse than 4G in terms of reception.

As we move to 6G, reception is so bad that every building will need to be lined with repeaters, or it just won't work.

How do I know? As a former Radio General Manager I had to negotiate to buy frequencies on a 'Band Plan'. Managing the introduction of Radio Sport and ZM to the Wairarapa Region of New Zealand. Studying terrain and analysing frequency reach of AM (Amplitude Modulation) and FM (Frequency Modulation) at the time that all 2Ghz + frequencies were being allocated to mobile. Although we had Classic Hits, it was only NewstalkZB that had the AM power band to reach through hills and around remote areas. FM required multiple repeaters, which were uneconomical for ROI.

Only AM was reliable

and useful enough

for Civil Defence.

The same conditions apply to 3G, 4G, 5G and 6G, which each successive gain in bandwidth decimating geographic reach.

And so it's important to know that the public is being widely misinformed about the genuine capability of technology, and largely because so called experts have little basis in reality. Why? NO EXPERIENCE.

My goal is not to be popular, my goal is to be effective at upholding the dignity of humanity through creativity and innovation. So I tell the truth about how things ACTUALLY WORK.

Follow that truth


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