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Credit: Picture from Jim Lanctot's Virtue Continuum. PURSUE VIRTUE and you will change history. We must first change the one (self)

before our habits and behaviour can begin to inspire the many.

The present conflicts of the world, reflect the state of our humanity.

The issues that we facing together in the twenty first century are not issues of gender, race or territory.

As we face each other, we each must face up to our own lack of virtue, morality and values.

The circumstances of our shared global experience reflect how well we are learning to integrate and collaborate, to apply empathy to understand each others perspective.

We must each come to a place within which we can develop and earn the character to set aside selfish ambitions and vain conceits to work for the common good of all future humanity.

The more genuine battle is the war we must each wage against our own apathy, complacency, and most importantly, against selfishness. G.J.M

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