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Children of the light

Children of the light.

Consider your inner child.

Take a moment to be poetic.

The person you were before your innocence was taken by the dishonesty of a culture and a society, whose chief aim was to subjugate you to servitude. This became beaten into the form of who you now are by the ravages of life, that you considered normal, because you were taught that this is the only way of life.

We both know the world is not the way of life.

The world is a lie.

But your spirit understands truth.

The truth about our humanity can be as difficult to face as looking into sunlight. And so it is that many people have come to live within the shadows, avoiding the virulent scrutiny of such a revealing light.

Who we really are.

For all our darkness.

And our brilliance.

To be a child of light is a simple choice.

I will come to understand what love truly is.

Find this within myself.

Then help all others.

How do we know to step out of the shadows?

When we see ourselves as we truly are.

Daring to compare our character.

With the brightest virtue.

Shine 1st Corinthians 13:4-8 and step into the scrutiny of that light.

If we have not found a path to patience, kindled our kindness, humbled ourselves to humility, forsaken anger for forgiveness, became gentle or selflessly considered the forsaken as more important than ourselves, then we have not become children of the light.

If we can not love our neighbour or embrace our differences and diversities as something truly beautiful to be admired, we have become shadows.

Life in prisim.

Becoming a conduit of truth of life.

Words and deeds that heal and help others.

My hope is that those who read this will become light.

Dispelling the darkness, one small act of kindness at a time.

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