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EAST-WEST confluence

EAST-WEST CONFLUENCE | DOES THIS RESONATE WITH YOU? Imagine a place in time that you marked as sacred along your life-timeline. A moment in time that two great rivers of humanity meet.

A great river of humanity from the East comes

into CONFLUENCE with a great river

of humanity from the West.

They meet at a place,

in time.

In this moment.

Now a single great river of humanity flows into the future

to nourish generations in east-west harmony.

Do you perceive yourself to be


In this moment?

A river of benevolent humanity begins, like a single

drop of rain on a faraway mountain top.

Starts serenely with just one.


Then happily with two.

You and I.

Then excitedly, with three.

You and I and others.

Become the


A trickle becomes a stream, a stream a torrent and before long

a collective of benevolent human consciousness arrives

at the point of our confluence.

If we agree this harmony, in this moment,

we have already begun the confluence.

And nothing can resist a large river

of benevolent humanity.

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