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Ethics Discussion

Ascend Leadership | ETHICS DISCUSSION - this is for the deep thinkers in my audience who like an intellectual challenge.

Please feel free to chime in with your viewpoints:

debating an assertion of a polarising increase in the competing roles of Sovereign Democracy Vs. Technology Platforms, in the leadership of Governace.


Reflecting on the recent interview between Piers Morgan and a Kanye West, an interesting question is posed by Morgan at around 1:02:35 into the “no-holds-barred” uncensored interview.

Video Link


Upon broaching the subject of Kanye’s expulsion from Twitter, Morgan asks if Elon Musk’s repatriation of Kanye to Twitter is “right”.

There is a response from West, inferring a friendship between Musk and West, some talk about Trump, and a visual body language confirmation that West’s return to Twitter is right (according to West).

The Ethics Challenge.

But it’s what West says next that presents us with a poignant political point to the ethics of sovereignty and governance:

Mark Zuckerberg thinks he is the government. These tech companies feel they’re more powerful than the U.S. Government.

Ethics question.

To what lesser or greater extent, should technology companies play a role in the governance of people?

What do you think?

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