WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU PUT FRIENDSHIP FIRST? I invite you to follow the beautiful journey of a regional and national collective of organisations that are putting friendship first.

RCN Asia, Oikos Media and My Team Works Online are pleased to be supporting Duncan Calder 邓曜东's vision for FRIENDSHIP FIRST.

I invite you to take a look over the next few months at how the Australia China Friendship Society Western Australia will begin to lead the world in how to approach friendship, first.

If we perceive technology differently, as a FRIENDSHIP ENGINE, then we may begin to curate and connect social technologies to empower communities in real-time collaboration.

This involves making the complex, simple by,

Updating to real-time team collaboration tools like;

Canva for graphic design Real-Time Collaboration,

Microsoft 365 for Teams Real-Time Collaboration for community building around content.

We are also assisting Duncan with Contour Capital Pty Ltd with as he supports law firms and their clients, accountants, insurance brokers and Western Australian businesses, by understanding the key value drivers for their business.





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