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HUMAN BEING - BEING HUMAN | I encourage my network to continue the good work of broadening perspectives to promote our confluence of interest.

In my experience of comparisons between the Chinese and USA people I interact with, I have found them both to be universally empathetic. A generous, kind natured and virtuous people.

The values shared are common. Each demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility as global citizens, committed to respecting each other's cultures.

I see no difference between someone from Shanghai or from Florida, in their intentions to be kind and compassionate or to do the right thing for humanity.

Here are two beautiful examples of empathetic people.

Two women of equivalent virtue are:

Amy Storer USA and Peggy Liu CHINA.

Both women are thought leaders who positively impact the world, both very highly educated and among the worlds brightest people. Both healing the world. Both deserving of your support.

As we broaden our perspective, we may begin being citizens of the earth. This higher mindedness of our national, regional and then adding on, a sense of global citizenship is worthwhile to catch on to.

We are human beings.

We are being human.

Better, together.

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