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In the past, as a commercial radio General Manager for NewstalkZB, I was allocated to a voluntary role, but required of my leadership, in local and regional Civil Defence. It was known by the regions councils and civil defence that a bridge in the Wairarapa region of New Zealand would become inundated.

I asked

why the council

didn't raise the bridge

and protect people?

A Civil Defence committee member

told me in short order, that it was

none of my business.

I was called on station at 4am during a severe storm. News came through that a young mother, a postal worker on her way to deliver rural mail, had crossed that bridge. Completely inundated by flash flooding, her vehicle was washed away and her life with it.

An empath,

I sat at my desk

and cried.

Then I prepared the local news and set about assisting the public through my civil defence role to get the news out to protect lives.

To this day, I have not forgotten the inhumanity and sadism of a governance that would seek fiscal and political objectives over the people. I have experienced this countless times.

Then for years, I studied the science of coastal erosion, coastal inundation, rising sea levels and global warming, all of which combine to reach a point of singularity. The moment that entire towns and cities become inundated, many to remain permanently uninhabitable.

There are low lying areas in New Zealand which will experience coastal inundation.

I identified these at-risk,

low-lying areas in New Zealand and came to recognise that many

people that I love

and care about

are RIGHT in

harms way.

Because the span of time goes slowly, according to the self orientated consciousness of human beings, we do not see the obvious encroaching danger coming to us.

And so areas like Orewa, Auckland and many parts of low lying Auckland, along with many parts of Wellington and Christchurch and Northland, will all experience coastal inundation with the advent of sea level rise, coastal erosion (on the East Coast) along with the trigger event impacts of storm intensification by climate change on a king tide.

While this may be 30 years away, now is the time for people to relocate and get to higher ground, so as not to lose the value of lives, let alone property.

the key issue



Too few want to let go of the value that they hold and they will clutch at the value they have created for their entire lifetime, to the grave. The majority of people are not prepared to make the necessary sacrifices for the future of humanity, and instead, continue to pursue only their selfish gain. Is this why PEOPLE do not vote for ENVIRONMENTAL CHANGE?

Is this the legacy

that we want to

be known by?

Legacy of Loss is why the main pursuit of twenty first century life can not be INDIVIDUAL HAPPINESS at the cost of future generations. Our main pursuit ought to be making RIGHTEOUS DECISIONS that support the COLLECTIVE HAPPINESS of all future generations.

We need to stop being selfish. Let it begin with me.

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