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learning ABOUT you

NOW I AM PREPARED TO TEACH which means that I will learn from those who come to me, what they need to be truly them. LEARNING ABOUT YOU.

BEING HUMAN RIGHT - among the pursuits that have importance to me is honouring the dignity of YOUr humanity. This involves supporting YOU to discover authentic YOUrself, not by suggesting that I hold every wisdom, or that I can reveal something profound. But rather by helping YOU to understand, YOU are already profound. YOU have purpose.

Wisdom does not belong

to the chosen few,

it belongs to


It's all about YOU.

Because wisdom is inherent, a mentor can only assist to impartially observe, then reflect like a mirror, the truth of your-self. A genuine empath who is skilled at perception, I see beyond the projection of a persons psychology. I have a very high IQ and EI, which means that, at least while I am objective, I will be able to read you, even remotely. I have a profound capability for assisting a person to surface from their subconscious to consciousness. Seeing beyond the veil with, methods that form habits to achieve authentic self, based in psychology. There are many tools that are useful, like JOHARI WINDOW, and TRANSACTIONAL ANALYSIS, or ABOVE THE LINE BEHAVIOUR METHODOLOGIES.

My style is not for everyone. While I have deep understanding of spirituality, my approach is logical and psychological, particularly defined from within the context of psychotherapy and cognitive, behavioural based therapeutic process. Integrating physiology, neurology and behavioural science. The fact that I have no formal training or qualifications should not deter you. However, I do turn away more people than I take on as clients. I will not work with someone if I am not the right person, and I will know this based on how open you are during our engagement. I know plenty of very good mentors, therapists and guides who can assist those who need someone of a style, more suited to the esoteric approach. Each person comes to their sense of self through the projection of their beliefs and associations with acceptances of liked methods.

I am going to be more helpful to a logical person trying to connect to their deeper side or an emotional person who is seeking to be more stable. I can help the person who is blocked and unsure what to do. A leader may be at an impasse and I can assist to unlock a way out. Because I have broad and deep life experience, I can walk through complex life issues with relative ease. I'm also able to assist with complex business, technology and political issues, having a sound basis in virtue, ethics, human rights, law and organisational dynamics. My intelligence is IQ139 with EI in top 3% worldwide. I score the highest marks possible in visual spatial intelligence and pattern recognition, which is my genuine area of genius. Everyone has an aspect of genius to them, and everyone has a foolishness, me included!

I have only one mentee as I write this SIMON YOUNG who I have mentored for 4-5 years. Simone is my protege and is also writing my story. You are welcome to speak to Simon to understand my methods and efficacy. Please contact Simon via The way to engage me is to follow my work across social media and go with your instinct. If you don't want to engage me, then don't, I am not right for you. If you are curious, then be reach out and be direct, saying exactly what you think. Be honest. We walk the path and the way always reveals itself.

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