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Thanks to a built-in social media engine my websites now feature social content that I would normally post on Facebook and across social media channels. Social content functions will be native to all my websites, for an improved stakeholder experience.

If you're already connected as a FREE MEMBER on well-done! If not, you may like to join FREE and follow, to see how I evolve connection with a smaller, engaged audience, benefiting from an improved quality of curated content.


powered by Wix.

Over the years I have commercially developed dozens of websites with WIX web builder. Moving up the ranks as a web developer, and working with digital media and marketing clients from Hollywood in L.A. to Shanghai, China. I have implemented every kind of function in the web technology stack, also building in WordPress and other web platforms. I have come to know, love and trust the WIX ASCEND COMMUNITY ENGINE, developed to bring social content experience into a DIRECT SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT.

This approach goes back to the BBS or Bulletin Board Services that founded the internet. There is nothing new here. Just the application of the proven curated content concept, with an opt-in community, committed to the subject. Now available for your own website.

Content audiences opt-in to CURATED CONTENT and participate with social engagement technologies that CONNECT COMMUNITIES and actively serve their interests. Direct Social Media has gone really well with where I bypass the need to use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Viber and WeChat. Many of which are now compromised either by the Oligarchs who run them, or by state led federal agencies that have contracts with them. As is the case with VKontakte/Telegram that is monitored under contract with Putin's FSB. This is not guess work. I work in the security sector and know this for fact. However, privacy is not the issue here, this is about AUTHENTIC CONNECTION.

I leave Facebook permanently on 31 Jan 2023.

I have downloaded a backup of my facebook data in preparation for curating the stream of consciousness content into Digital Books and content for the websites. It also feels great to complete the stream-consciousness-project, because I feel ready to write and publish.


For some of you who rely on Facebook, that means we may have lost our main means of communicating. My invitation to you, is to opt-in to my website (free), which provides a secure, private chat server and social media functions. We can stay connected.

YOU and I

The benefit is this, when you reach out to me, I will be focused on YOU. Honouring YOU. Communicating directly with YOU. Providing YOU with a safe site, where there are no criminals, fraudsters or deceptions of any kind. Just US. Connecting. Communicating. With technology better than Facebook. Safely, privately, directly, easily with direct connection to the things that matter to you and to me, like projects that improve the dignity of humanity.


I use the WIX social engines (called ASCEND) in all my websites, to provide those who connect with me an authentic experience. It's about OWNING MY OWN OWN SOCIAL NETWORK, because anyone now can, because I have already built this, and because it works.

For a smaller group of people who are genuinely engaged in like minded ideas. Ideas to move human conscience away from feudalism and into benevolence.

PROJECTS - connect to my active projects by visiting then click on a sub menu links. Sign up free to any website that you want to follow.


In alphabetical order

- Alms Electronica: Music with a Conscience

- Blockchain Downunder: Restoring Trust in FinTech

- Glyn MacLean ART: Abstract Visual Philosophy

- Glyn MacLean MUSIC: Music that remaps neurology

- Hobos Rebellion: Jazz, Blues, Piano, Beatnik Poetry.

- Meet My Love: Authentic Dating, Community Moderated

- Oikos Media: Digital Creator Of, By and For the People.

- Oikos Music: Music Artist & Repertoire Development

- The Dark Night Online: Justice for FinTech Victims


An early digital pioneer, I have used social media at times to engineer social change. A trained journalist and media executive, I know what media ought to be and what it is not. I no longer want to be part of the construct that oligarchs have created. My voice does not belong in and is not compatible with their networks. We have very different goals.


I am redefining what it means to genuinely influence people, based on the teachings of Jesus. Not religious teachings, but the methods by which human beings connect to each other, one to one; to have authentic relationships. Better to have fewer real relationships, than a multitude of disengaged, disinterested and disconnected, connected people. Disconnected humanity would make no sense to Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, Krishna, Lao Tzu or any other wise leader. Ironic then, to disconnect from a mass scale mechanism for connection, that has ultimately achieved disconnecting people from themselves, from each other and from reality. Attention span has decreased to just 8.25 seconds online, less than a gold fish; which can pay attention for a whopping great 9 seconds. If you have read all of this, you are in the top 3% of people worldwide, when it comes to attention span.


I am also leaving most social media platforms to focus on a higher quality of content that I can control. I am constantly having to compromise content quality to adapt to social networks with inferior content formats. That sucks. I want to improve my quality and achieve a Hollywood standard for everything. To achieve that, I will publish much less content, taking a lot longer to create a single item that lasts forever. No one can delete my content either, because I am paying for it myself. Its on my server and not subject to the whims of an oligarch.

My content will aim to achieve the highest moral, ethical, narrative, technical and legal standards that I can personally achieve to inspire humanity.


We live in an age in which ideas and the people who share them are under siege. Content moderation can be biased and extreme, both ways. People are being labeled and played off against each other. Polarised, and rewarded when they degrade each other.


In the case of Twitter, Elon Musk celebrates a psychologist who is in clear breach of clinical ethics standards. Elon is right now in court for using Twitter to control financial narratives. He is accused by a judge of being a liar to the courts. Now he is on trial. Andrew Tate has been arrested for trafficking young women, luring them into pornography with money. The Romanian police are doing all that they can to lock him away. Meanwhile, he is celebrated and supported by Elon Musk and by the psychologist, as a rebel on Twitter. All while preying on the world's daughters. This is unconscionable. Mark Zuckerberg built the original Facebook to judge who was better looking among women. He has consistently proven that money matters more than people. Facebook's lack of genuine identity security and poor safety for consumers has destroyed countless lives. That is not historical, that is current.


I refuse to be part of guiding humanity to descend into selfish feudalism and in the direction of the wealth of the many, to the few. This is not a weakness. I am strong enough to say, NO, while billions say YES. No amount of money can buy my virtue. I am saying no to every kind of extremist. I am saying no to accepting harmful status quos. I am saying no to living life in a way that is harmful to others. I am walking away from the environments that harbour harm to humanity and creating safer environments based on much higher morality and ethics.


If you are here, then you are an algorithm, created to restore the sentient benevolence of humanity, through an ethics, virtue and morality that is empathic in nature. This is not new. This is ancient. Our capacity to uphold the hippocratic oath: to do no harm and to uphold the distillation of 10,000 years of wisdom into the 30 human rights. Wisdom that does not seek to impose, but rather suggests and teaches. So that others may develop the self discipline of their free-will to improve the dignity of all life. First for themselves, and from the self-love they have learned; then learn how to love their neighbour as themself.

If this is you, then let's connect and please, do feel welcome to invite others.

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