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Living words

I can only speak from my own experience.

In respect of how I go about integrating philosophy and music, it occurs to me that I must first become authentic: to live words. To personify philosophy by living the deeper meaning of each word. If there is a sentence, and I believe it, then I am "sentencing" myself to that belief as a behaviour and therefore, living words.

How will I combine philosopher and musician?

I try to be true to essence of a meaning, then express the feelings associated with the meaning. There is a scientific and an artistic approach to creative expression.

In music, the beat of the music reflects the heart beat of a person. 136 beats per minute is the optimum for high energy. 80 beats to 60 beats per minute will relax the body. These rhythms are heart beats.

We are also beings of frequency.

All matter vibrates, each at it's own frequency. The human body is 70% to 80% liquid and low frequencies in particular, move through water long distances. Sound waves are vibrations that have a bio mechanical affect on a human being to feel.

Music can transmit feeling, because each wave form is a literally a sound wave that has a vibrational frequency which can harmonise with the frequencies of genetic material and therefore have a causative impact through harmonic resonance and resonant frequency.

If I am true to philosophy and I am true to feeling, then I can communicate honestly.

This is all that I can hope for.


I hoped in my own way to become like a Banksy (art) of music.

To create projects that express and inspire humanity.

I hoped to be like St Antoine de Exupery and his Little Prince, to incorporate fable, parable and allegory into every aspect of communicating whatever wisdom I could learn.

I am still experimenting, really only just beginning to be true to myself in this way.

Fortunately, as a heARTist, my heart was broken and my soul crushed.

Brokenness lets the light in.

Crushed coals become diamonds.

The more we allow ourselves to connect to our feelings, the more expressive we will become. But without honesty, this expression really isn't very possible.

I don't know where I am perfectly, in artistry.

I do know that I am not lost.

I am exploring.


I want to experience everything beautiful.

Pain has taught me empathy and now, that I am powered by this energy, I intend to create and foster beauty. By this what I mean, is that I will create and foster all that is beautiful to the human spirit. The adventure is to seek out, connect with and then share reflections of those elevated 'beings' among us. By saying, being, I am referencing that beings, are those who are doing, not saying, their living words.


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