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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid dreaming is not really that mysterious.

People often mistake it for having a surreal sleep based dream.

But that’s not what lucid dreaming is.

Lucud Dreaming is dreaming in a coherent awakened state.

And It’s one of the many tools among the mental disciplines and capabilities of all human beings.

Intelligent people can routinely do this.

Einstein, Tesla and many others routinely did this.

It’s the capacity to visualise multi dimensional (HeightxWidthxDepthxTimexSpace) models and experiences at will, through a projection of a mental visualisation, powered by the visual-spatial cortex. As if seeing the subject matter played like a film. You can phase out of the reality that you’re in, and tune into the visual imagination as a projection.

This is very much in reality like Augmented Reality or as Microsoft likes to call it, mixed reality. Lucid dreaming is simply a mental discipline and not metaphysical in nature. It is possible however to see inter dimensionally, back and forwards in time. I sometimes rationalise that the brain is operating like a super computer, taking into account all eventualities and then rationalising the one most likely.

The reticular activating system creates a kind of prejudice, that we must compare what we are perceiving, with what we know. If we do not know what we are looking at the mind filters it out. Perception is a crazy thing.

Many contemporary geniuses can do Lucid Dreaming routinely.

I have no formal training, but have led teams of PhDs and MBAs on projects and achieved high organisational roles, due to a capacity to quickly visualise organisational and industry transformational models.

In reality, in a corporate environment, this could be a bit funny actually. My boss saw me in a trance like state in his office and wondered what the hell I was doing, staring wide eyed at a point in space in the middle of the room. I explained what I was doing and he was disturbed at first! Then I perfectly explained the model I had just visualised and he was blown away by the coherence and level of detail.

No one believed Tesla either, they were too stupid.

And that’s the issue with many intelligent people.

The stupid people around the intelligent person simply can not perceive what the intelligent person sees, so they belittle the intelligence of the smart person. This is actually a psychological complex, that stupid people are over confident and intelligent people question everything.

Suffice to say that despite having no accounting or legal degree in a technology company, I was put on a special projects team with a $2m budget and became an international manager. That ability made me $180,000 per annum. And I was paid large bonuses like $30,000 for achieving milestones and KPIs. With no qualifications.

Intelligence is something that can be developed like a muscle.

But it wasn’t always that way.

I was declared retarded at the age 10.

Later they worked out that I have a genius IQ in visual spatial intelligence (139 which is actually just highly intelligent and not quite genius) and EQ in top 3% worldwide. I just happen to have the highest score humanly possible in a particular aspect of intelligence, visual spatial intelligence.

You can also be both stupid and incompetent at some things and genius at others.

Have you found your genius?

Maybe I can help.

I now teach others to increase their intelligence and improve intellectual performance.

Everyone has an aspect of genius of some kind.

The human brain is a super computer and only a multi and inter disciplinary approach unlocks optimum potential. We can all be much more. The key is the self-permission to unlearn programmed limitations. To trust intuition and sovereign wisdom. Then let go of the lie we have been told that we must specialise.

And start being who we really are.

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