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The moral dilemma of how we treat the small percentage.

I can not, in good conscience, neglect the plight of the 0.1% who will most assuredly become afflicted by the mindsets of modern man, as we forge ahead with little consideration for abstract minorities, their experiences and the circumstance of their condition.

In among all this hustle to get vaccines out to all people, pharmaceutical companies will be immune to the millions of people who will become afflicted, simply because they have an allergic reaction to components of the vaccines.


While allergic reactions to vaccines is being downplayed (due to the very low percentage of risk), there is substantial evidence that this very small group of people could be harmed. Billions of dollars are paid discretely by government agencies to successful civilian claims against vaccines that injured, maimed or killed people. The laws around vaccine failure are designed by the lobbyists of pharmaceutical companies to protect the profits of pharmaceutical companies, preemptively pardoning them for all their past and future failures.

We the people, will pay the bill for our failure to exercise moral conscience. It is an absolute given, that millions of people will become the casualty of such a fast roll out of vaccine. And while I agree that in proportion to the overall population, incidents will be very low, I beseech my audience to consider the moments in our history, where that same percentage really mattered.

The moral dilemma

is that this is exactly

as Hitler intended,

That the weak would

be neglected from

our consideration,

and our burden

of care.

Our apathy and neglect of the plight of those minorities, the very small percentage of people who will most assuredly have an adverse reaction to the vaccines, is through our simply saying, oh well, it's just a very small percentage.

The Jewish population of German represented just

1 percent of Germany.

The percentage of people

who will be hurt, maimed

or die worldwide from allergic reactions to vaccines will be in the vicinity of 0.1% to 0.5%.

Rather than fight FOR this small percentage of people, the medical fraternity has cast aside the ideology of the hippocratic oath DO NO HARM, for just this select group of people. Instead, these people are going to experience the war time ideology of TRIAGE. Do not help those who can not be helped.

Focus on those you can help. War time triage is inappropriate in a modern civilisation, within which we have the resources to who love and care in our attention to the minority of people who may be affected. Until we awaken to the see how an individual may become hurt, and until we learn to care for them, the least among us, we will never resolve healing the whole of humanity. Hitlers ideology went beyond neglect of the weak, to the idea that it was more humane to dispose of these people through euthenasia.

What would surprise you, is that a large group of people consider themselves superior and consider that others who are inferior should be allowed to come to their fate. This is how and why a 99% Christian population of Democratic Germany, came to agree with Hitler's resolutions. Much to their later shame and hence the final solution.

If we do not cater to

the 0.1% to 0.5% of people

who will assuredly have adverse reactions to vaccines, we are by

virtue of our


achieving a similar

scale of affliction,

because this is global.

Only when we can learn to develop a sense of conscience for the empathy of ALL of our fellow human beings, developing empathy for the plight of the individual, will we move beyond the apathy and neglect that causes so much pain.

We must improve our moral standards. We must come to have better integrity. We must look out for all people.

No matter the percentage.

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