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Miracles do exist!

Updated: May 21, 2022


On the 13 May 2022 was a day of joy. Well for me. My oven broke and dad bought a new oven with hob for me. It was such a good day for me because it meant that I could bake again. Something I absolutely love...

A family friend who is an electrician, installed the oven and hob. He fixed my aunt's television and then we decided to take him home. My gut feeling kept telling me it's not a good idea. I kept seeing myself bearing arrows fighting my enemy. What a crazy thought i assumed... As we came to the four-way traffic lights, 3 hijackers came-armed, they were africans. I they forced us out of our car. The man at my father's side, hit the window with his gun. He took the car keys and we couldn't drive away. I saw his awful face. He too like me was in panic. I was not worried for myself but my dad. I heard the gun shot. My father's friend pulled me away because I was holding them off. They were going to shoot me. My dad was the last to escape. I saw all 3 of them drive away with our car. It cost us so much money. They had no mercy on my father whose a pensioner. I panicked. As my heart was beginning to see africans' in a bad light, something I never believed because I always thought that just because someone of a particular race does wrong does not mean its everyone of that particular race. My theory proved right when africans who drove right behind us saw the incident. They came and helped us even though we were strangers. They gave us a lift to the police station. They drove us out of that horrible place- a hotspot for hijacking!

They took everything. Our car, my dad's phone. But not mine. God prevented us from dying. The police as usual just didnt want to help. Corruption is real, no matter what country. I took the last money out of my account to buy airtime. I called my family. When my family gave us a lift home. I was still tense. My family was so helpful. They contacted the company that we insured with. They tracked down our car. That very night they fetched the car and took it to the car pound. The window at the driver seat was gone. The gear box was messed up. They stole the radio but the car on the exterior was unharmed.

So yes, we lost some items. But the car was in tact. A newspaper was released of the saddest news, the place where we were hijacked, someone too was going to be hijacked but instead of hijacking him. They killed him mercilessly. God looked out for us. People that we didnt know just escorted us out of that area. We didnt die. We even got our car back. We still waiting for the insurance to assist us with the damage done to our car on the interior but hey... We are alive and well- all because God looked out for us. He is truly my hero.


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