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More than me

MORE THAN ME | We understand that every little thing matters. Every word spoken. Each action taken. Each moment precious.

All we really have is time.

Each week we are given a bank account. The ultimate democracy. 168 hours.

Rich or poor, healthy or sick, we each has the same. From the beginning, our days are numbered and finite.

None of us will remain.

Yet each may come to a single precious moment in time. The recognition that life is precious. Dignity is sacred.

Who will uphold this?

Each who decides, let dignity begin with me. I will uphold it, first by loving myself. Then I will take the love that I found and I will share this example so that others can also have self-love.

Together we will continue to nurture all these small dignities. In all that we do for each other. For the few we can realistically help. Upholding humanity. Respecting each other and our mutually safe passage on our precious earth vessel.

We are no longer here for our self interest. We do this for others. The trillions among our future humanity, who deserve to have a future well beyond us.

A future given in the single moment that we each turned to a self-reflection:

This is more than ME.

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