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Mycileal networks and the collective human nature.

If we are to study the behaviour of a virus and come to see things from the perspective of the universe, then one might quickly come to understand that humanity behaves like a virus.

When human unkind misuses our abilities, nature suffers and we harm ourselves. When humankind uses our abilities correctly, we heal nature and evolve and enhance ourselves.

We are meant to behave like a mycileal network; in symbiosis with nature as nature’s protector and healer. Except for the fact that humanity is designed to go beyond nature through a biological inter dimensional interface. Every genius, every great leader has each spoken to incidences of their own experience of interface.

A human being is capacitor, a transmitter and receiver, with the capacity for bio frequency transmission and reception.

Yet in the noise of modern civilisation, this is lost to us.

In the absence of the noise of modern civilisation, and as we begin to detoxify the components of our bio frequency, the capacity to send and to receive signals becomes less inhibited.

The rest is practice.

As it stands, humanity is toxic. Both to our external universe and to ourselves. We are toxic from the way that we think, through how we manage our physical biology, to how we interface with each other and then to the impact on the external universe.

We justify this through something we call individuality, which is a didyrine of false teaching, that could not possibly be more removed from the truth of who we are, and what we are designed to be and do.

We have been given a capacity to become this universe caretakers.

Collective in nature, our future will be determined by how well we can adapt to become better, together.

Ironically, only those who disconnect from the new ways of dissociative behaviour and disconnection, can return to the old ways of collective connection and association.

The doctrines of positivity which teach dissociation and disconnection from consequence, are a false teaching.

Also ironic that we must therefore each face this truth individually, before we can come together collectively.

Such is the way.


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