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Be grateful for every challenge which serves to strengthen you towards your ultimate goal. GjM

The story of Theseus offers a useful lesson about the nature and value of self reliance and resilience.

Theseus is essentially abandoned by his father who has left his inheritance under a rock.

The orphaned child sought through daily labour, to claim his inheritance by lifting the rock. The process of his daily attempts developed the physical strength and valiant character which later made him heroic.

When eventually Theseus was able to remove his inheritance from under the rock, his true inheritance had become the development of his strength, through the pursuit of his fathers legacy.

Every being that has breath and that has lived, has lived to honour their kin. Within every cell of our being is the purest intention to honour mother and father as self.

This is how we form our identity, by coming to terms with the aspects of our parents that forms our sense of self.

Our parents challenge us to to develop self reliance so that we too, can each give our name meaning.

Not through the dalliance of temporal things, but rather though the effort we make that defines our living and being.

We are quite simply,

what we choose

to do.

So persevere.

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