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THE RELEVANCE OF LOVE TO BUSINESS | THE MATH OF HUMAN KINDNESS - Love is a word that was removed from business. I want to suggest that as a community, we who value such a thing, put that word back into our Life-Enterprise again. The empathy that goes with love.

The human dignity and kindness that love creates.

Back into our enterprise where it belongs.

Four unique forms of love abound.

They are communicated through four Greek words

Consider this a kind of 'ALGORITHM' of Kindness.




and Agape.

And are characterised by

romantic love,

family love,

brotherly love,

and divine love.

Every teaching suggests that we should love our neighbour

as ourselves and treat others how we would like to be treated.

We are called to uphold the dignity of all people,

even if they are a minority or we consider

them the least.

We are each to serve and protect.

Those who have this divine love, which is common among all people,

regardless of race, gender or religion, will each resonate with the idea that

after all we have experienced, it is time to start being truly human again.

As we remerge from our isolation and contemplation of humanity

during and post Covid, may we each come to be enlightened.

The instruction we have is simple.


#humanityfirst #humanitymatters #humankindness #humankind #humanbeings

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