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scared LITTLE animals

This explains the behaviour of anyone

who has experienced trauma. Yet despite their trauma, everyone

wants to be wanted,

needs to be needed,


loves to be loved.

There is a scared little animal inside each of us,

waiting to be treated with

care and kindness.

And no one needs that kindness

more than the angriest, scardiest,

wildest, little animals among us.

It runs away,

it stands still.

it comes closer, it hides behind a tree. it stomps a foot, it shuffles its feet. it steers without blinking, it blinks without staring. it crouches down, it leaps up. it stands up on its hind legs, it bows down on it's front legs. it runs a circle around the thing it sees. it holds its breath, it pants heavily. it stops breathing to make like it's deaD. it makes itself look bigger just in case its about to be eaten.

it crawls into a ball, IT STANDS UP ALL ANGLES. it nudges a leg and licks a hanD. it runs away quite faR. then starts it all over again.

Scared little animals.

How do you relax a scared little animal?

Show kindness.

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