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THE CHALLENGE OF SELF REFLECTION - MENTORING: Are you up for the challenge in 2023? We each may suffer the affliction of losing perspective as we get caught up in the detail.

Becoming close to the subject matter, every leader is susceptible to becoming subjective; seeing things from the inside, out.

Mentors and advisors can become like a 'mirror' that we look into; helping us to see ourselves from the outside, in.

While some people will only accept guidance from those they feel comfortable with, most successful people choose someone who takes them out of their comfort zone. A good gym instructor causes you pain, then you heal and grow. That's how growth works. The same story goes with your brain.

Opportunity typically exists at the edge of a comfort zone. If you aren't at least a little bit scared of, or annoyed by your mentor, they probably aren't challenging you enough.

Anyone who looks into the leadership mirror, typically wants to improve themselves by being challenged to be, and to do better. And since we take who and what we are into our enterprise, the best investment we can make is to work hard to improve ourselves. We also look into the 'mirror of others' to hold ourselves up to higher standards than we might achieve in solitude, or from sycophants.

Are you up for

the challenge

in 2023?

If you'd like to be challenged, see if you can pass my IQ/EQ test to sign up to - it's not easy, on purpose. This onboarding pathway filters out those who lack attention span, who lack commitment, and who are not yet ready to grow.

Life isn't about the QUANTITY of people.

Life is about the QUALITY of people.

Your life, is about: YOUR QUALITY.

READY TO BEGIN? Use the LIVE CHAT on the website to reach out to me.

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