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Taika vs dwarves

Ascend Leadership | TAIKA WAITITI vs DWARFISM - #DIVERSITY #INCLUSION - A daughter of dwarfism is showing a giant's bravery, raising a global movement against Taika Waititi (Thor/JoJo Rabbit), for his choice to exclude dwarves from the most important dwarf movie of all time. THE TIME BANDITS.

In just hours, the unknown actor has amassed an army of followers, each one tagging in Taika to express their disappointment at what they say is a blatant disregard for inclusion and diversity.

missed opportunity.

The uproar is because the main characters who played as the TIME BANDITS in Terry Gilliam's 80's SciFi Fantasy movie were all dwarves.

TIME BANDITS became renowned for being one of the first and most memorable opportunities for dwarves to take centre stage and to be taken seriously.

Thanks to Taika's casting, NO DWARVES ARE INVOLVED.

With accusations of ableism and a failure to uphold diversity and inclusion, Taika is being charged with missing an opportunity and showing disregard and disrespect to the community.

Ironic, because Taika began his career by sharing a humanity rarely seen.

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