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TALKING TO death taught me to live.

A wise man inspired this topic of conversation.

I said:

If you can’t reach me in the morning that might be because I have become a hibernating bear. I did ask god to help me bear my ailments and I think god may be hard of hearing on account of his very old age.

He said:

Whatever ailments you perceive aren't yours personally, and they never were let them fade away as the truth of health and the supply of vitality take over.

And the rest follows this stream of conscious response.

You are right and this is a very good subject to discuss! You are the lucky winner who has just triggered a matrix data download on HUMAN CELLULAR REGENERATION.

While positivity can and does impact the healing and vitality of an organic system, ultimately, all systems fail and no one gets out of life, alive. You're going to love that optimism!

I am not my diseases is a great idea until you put a human body in a radioactive environment. No one who is exposed to THALLIUM for example, is going to be able to will themselves to live.

There are some states of human physiology that no faith has overcome. And we live in a world that is increasingly more toxic to human beings.

Cellular decline is occurring to such a high rate now that male fertility has actually declined by 50%. As Elon Musk has pointed out, humankind is facing a problem well beyond ageing population, that we may be destroying the future of human kind through cellular irradiation and physical toxicity of our man-made environment.

I would love Jesus to turn up and show us how to raise people from the dead or heal terminal illness, but to date, not one person over 2000+ years has rocked up to show us how. That doesn't mean that it is not possible, that just says that no one who preaches it, actually does it.


What science does reveal is that stress causes an acidic environment that is toxic to the body, whereas love causes an alkaline environment that is healing to the body. So this mindset, combined with fruitarian or vegan diet, exercise, sleep and love, definitely provides an underlying environment within which healing occurs.

Don't forget, I healed my blindness through a vegan diet.

When we get real about that toxicity and mitigate the causes of the failure of the human system, we can then identity and reduce our exposure to the environmental factors that undermine regeneration.

Like meat and animal products, which cause inflammation.

As Simon Young will testify, I have much stronger will and perceptive control than the average person and have fought the failure of my endocrine system for quite a long time.

Jonah Lomu is a person who fought a brave battle that few people knew about, doing his greatest work while literally, dying.

No one would argue that Jonah Lomu was positive. He did the unimaginable through sheer will. So the point is that we can certainly use the metaphysical principles, to effect physical principles is very valid, but such optimisim does not overcome some physical states, as was the case with the very faithful and powerful person of Jonah Lomu, who died despite every effort of will.

The fact is that we are

all dying at least a little.

As we age, we must come to terms with the scientific basis of our mortality, and do the most that we can to improve our longevity, through organic diets, sleep, exercise, self-love and love of others.

However, we do so within the broader context of this science.


This article is very useful: HOW WE LOSE CONTROL OF OUR DNA AT AGE 55

The prevailing truth is that the laws of thermodynamics and the management of energetic systems is such that entropy and the failure of every organic system is a base state of the known universe.

All systems will break down and fail.

Especially humans and their being.

Except, one might argue, Jesus, who is claimed to have gotten out of death alive, at least for those who believe.

Eternal life is the unseen state of the permanence of energy that most of us consider to be quite possible, but as to which very few people have evidence.

Faith is both a cause

and a consequence.

We can both have faith

and accept mortality.

The mortality of our humanity and the finite nature of impermanence are of crucial importance to understand.

Most people live under the delusion and illusion that good health is a given. We will all falter and fail, without exception and all of us will die.

It's just that some of us will die a little sooner.

This is a gift given to us so that we can can burn brighter in the limited time that we have. e.g. the most I have on average is 27 more years. Above average, I might have 50 to 60 years and with the advent of technology, perhaps this consciousness will exist as it is forever.

However, it is more likely that the gift of my illness is there to shorten my time and concentrate my focus to be and to say more of what really matters in the time remaining.

So to embrace mortality is not the lower mind, or less intelligent or descendent thinking, it is to stand with one foot in the metaphysical, in daily conversation with death, not as fearsome gatekeeper, but rather as the giver of abundant life.

Death says to me,

"Glyn I am not ready for you yet, but I'm here to help you to achieve the most of your life."

I meet death as a friend, with gratitude and in fact we are very good friends, through our metaphorical daily conversations.

It is as a consequence of having met and communed with Death that we came to our most poignant conversations about the vitality and purpose of life, I lost my fear, I begin to truly live, awakened to life.

Talking to death

taught me how

to live my life.

So let us talk about the decline of health and death not as something to be mourned or fearful, while we are alive, let us instead understand our human frailty as a positive book mark to support us to live more brightly, to come to compassion.

Because some will not heal due to positivity, because the universe will use these people as something like a gift to us, to remember how to truly live.

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