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Thank you india!

The Dark Night Online - CRYPTO CRIME FIGHTING COMMUNITY: thanks to everyone who turned up for my session with Cyber Secured India. Please feel free to sign up free at and use LIVE CHAT to message.

Thank you to Nikhil Mahadeshwar for facilitating and for his work restoring the dignity of the people of India. Proud of you!

Thank you to the Chedi Mbaga and the international Wolf Pack at Gray Wolf Analytics Canada. Who care about real results through collaboration, working to restore the balance to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

With love, empathy can care, we can turn the tide and stop crypto criminals. Better, together. #cryptocurrency #thankyou #india

TDNO does provide a low fee case review process. Please reach out via the website LIVE CHAT to discuss cases. If we can't do anything, we will let you know. If we can, we will be honest and up front about what might be involved, applicable to a case.

I would also like to acknowledge all of the victims of crypto crimes. If I have knowledge, this came to me from the stories and lessons of their suffering. We must never forget who we are here to serve.
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