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The healer and the lion

The healer and the lion.

A lion attacked many people, until one person saw that the lion had a thorn in its paw.

The Lion lunged at the healer, who ducked and instead of attacking or defending, simply pulled the thorn out of the lions paw as it flew past.

The Lion stopped in its tracks, looking back at the sudden source of relief from its pain.

Suddenly the angry lion changed its perspective.

Sauntered over to the healer and nudged the healer like a kitten.

Lion now became healers protector.

How could this happen?

Healer could see past the anger to the source of the pain and took the great risk through an act of selfless love to end the pain of the angry lion.

What does this mean for you and me?

In our civilisation, those who have experienced a great social injustice cry out in the anger of their pain.

Who will be the healer who goes to the source of the social injustice problem and alleviate the lions pain?

Selfishness is the cause of injustice.

In our daily quest for individual wellbeing, we may each inadvertently cause others social injustice pain that we may not be aware of.

Empathy is the ability to see pain.

In this age, empathy is the

Beginning of healing.

The healers mind?

I will take the time to understand why someone is angry and find the root cause of their pain.

This wisdom has been known for five thousand years, is communicated through all of the Abrahamic teachings and most of the global teachings, readily available to us today.

What does this mean for civilisation?

Where there is poverty,

there is crime.

If we eliminate the means a person has to provide for themselves, if we make it hard for people to live and to eat, we place the thorn of social injustice into the paw of the lion.

Do not be surprised then, that if you prosper at the expense of the dignity of another person, you may be curating many angry lions.

Don’t be the thorn in the paw.

Become the lions healer.

Learn to see pain.

An original interpretation - Based on the ancient story of Androcles. #lion #androcles #fable #parable #allegory #metaphor #wisdom #anger #socialju

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