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The heart way

The heart way.

Traveler stood with her hands to the sun.

Forming the shape of a heart, they formed a portal that only she could look through. Golden light poured luxuriously across her wooly, snowflake decorated gloves, just like maple syrup on morning muffins.

Below the sun, an old weary old Sign Post juxtaposed itself against the golden sun, appearing as one steadfastly waiting to give solemn instructions.

Traveler asked of old Sign Post,

"If there are good people everywhere, why can't we hear them? All I hear is pain."

To which the Sign Post said,

"Bad people, while a minority, make the most noise. Look for those who are gentle and quiet. The multitude of silence. Listen to the myriad sounds of kindness, gratitude and thankyou's. Wherever you hear these, good dwells. Do you hear the silence?"

"Yes I do."

said Traveler.

"The silence of our kind actions. Like you here, showing me the way, just by being old sign post. Which makes me think, perhaps the good need their breath for good work. The bad use their breath to berate others out of selfishness."

Sign Post nodded in agreement.

"Consider the way of love. You can not give what you do not have, and so first you learn to love yourself. If you don't know how, find someone kind to show you. Then, and only then, can you love others, as you love yourself. Each quiet kindness is the way of good. Those who behave badly are all the children who did not experience love, who have not known what it is to be loved. At some point, all of these children were either denied or forsaken. As adults, their inner-child became selfish. Who has not found self-love, may first need your patient and determined example, for their inner child to have any hope to grow up. The way is always kindness."

Traveler smiled, "I'm heading in that general direction."

Old Sign Post seemed to fade,

while saying,

"Your heart is your road map."

Traveler realised the entire encounter existed in the blink of an eye as the sun lit her soul. And the golden light flickered brilliantly, as to acknowledge the way of good has always been within her.

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