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I was recently asked by someone on Q&A site Quora, how they could kill themselves. My answer speaks to how a two-thousand-year-old philosophy interfaces with neuroscience to give life.

Please note that over the course of my life I have worked actively to prevent suicide, and once founded a charity that developed the peer mentoring programmes for ZEAL YOUTH CENTRES and was a former director and contributing founder. LINK: THE QUESTION: How can I kms (kill myself) without any harm and it no time so I didnt regret it. MY ANSWER: Don’t.

Do not KYS.

Do not seek ways to KMS.

Keep the body alive, until the mind can find reasons to embrace life in the body.

I am not a psychologist, but I have studied psychology my entire life.

Declared retarded at age 10 by my father and a teacher, I grew up in an environment that was often torturous, and which left me with no self-esteem and complex PTSD.

As a teenager I became convinced that suicide was the right option, but I was ill equipped to make a life-or-death decision.

A psychologist challenged me to consider my purpose and reason for living. I had no reason to live for myself, but I could not deny the positive impact I would have on others.

It would be fair to say that very few of my days has been light, but it’s also fair to say that I found joy in applying the empathy that I learned from my own pain, and developed a cognitive superpower to see the pain of others more clearly than many others.

I also learned the skills FROM MY OWN PAIN to save hundreds of lives, because I understand the afflictions of social injustices that cause a person to want to check out.

I can’t take away your pain. I can’t stop the fact you are going through hell. But I have walked through hell a thousand times, holding the hand of fellow way farers.

You should also know that in real life, I am sick, and I am dying. We all are. Some of us die more slowly, more eventually and some of us more quickly. No one survives life. We will all come to an end.

But who among us will choose to have their beginning? To be born again, within the opportunity of a moment? Who will choose to truly live?

Only the person who has died to their old self, within their mind. What it is that constitutes the old you is held in neurones and neural pathways.

Jesus taught that ‘dying to self, involves the literal death, but only of the neurones that contain memories that bind us to moments of deeply emotionally painful history.

The science of cognitive behavioural therapy successfully remaps neural pathways. The old self dies, in the context of old neural pathways degrade because we replace them with new pathways.

So, Jesus was right. We become born again. New life.

Science validates the two-thousand-year-old philosophy.

And what if the mind is OK, but the body is sick?

As I stated, I am very ill and have already faced and stood at the precipice of death. It was there at the end of myself that chose and continue to choose life. The body will fail, but the ascendant mind transcends body. The person who honours their own dignity will elevate themselves to transcend their body.

Dying to self is a normal feeling and a process that all human beings who ascend in consciousness go through. This is in order to cast off or shed the old self and the ways of the world that our natural law human nature knows is wrong.

Everyone who goes through this becomes a powerful beacon of light. But first we must reject the world, the desires of the world and choose not to live in the world as we were.

Sadly, most people are not taught that this process exists, that’s it’s real, validated by science, and crucial to embracing our sovereignty and authenticity in our new life.

if this has helped you, if this helps anyone who reads it, I will counsel and mentor you for free and guide you back to life.

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