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The Tao

Hua Hu Ching- 36 - 化胡經

It is entirely

possible for you to

achieve immortality, and to

experience absolute joy and

freedom forever.

The practice

of undiscriminating virtue

is the means

to this end.


kindness and selflessness,

you naturally align your life with

the Integral Way. Aligning your life

with the Integral Way, you begin to

eliminate the illusory boundaries

between people and societies,

between darkness and light,

between life and death.


these illusions,

you gain the company

of the highest spiritual beings.

In their company, you are protected

from negative influences and

your life energy cannot

be dissolved. Thus

do you achieve



it is not that those

who cultivate wholeness

and virtue in themselves do not

encounter difficulties in life.

It is that

they understand that difficulties

are the very road to immortality:

by meeting them

calmly and openly,

however they unfold,

and joyfully developing themselves

in response to them, they become

as natural, as complete,

and as eternal as

the Tao itself.

From The Hua Hu Ching (Click here)

- the unknown teachings of Lao Tzu some 2600 years ago

- updated for this time by Brian Browne Walker.

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