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The tree that taught philosophy

A wise man of philosophy asked:

If our earth can be heaven, who will be going to churches? Humanity is complicated.

To which I replied with a lesson that I was taught by a tree. (Continues below the information about the painting.)

ART: One Tree Hill, Auckland by Diana Adams. CLICK HERE to buy. Image size in millimetres: 550 x 650 One of Auckland’s most significant landmarks, print of Diana’s painting completed just before the removal of the single tree that gave this volcanic hilltop its name.

If ideas could become a person, then Confucius and Lao Tzu are one person. Jesus, Buddha and Krishna are that same person, sharing aspects of the same idea.

Imagine the truth of ideas is like a tree.

There was such a tree that taught the perspective of truth called One Tree Hill, in Auckland New Zealand.

The tree was evidentially just a tree.

From one angle the tree was straight.

From another angle the tree was bent.

The shape of the tree varied depending on where you stood, from your perspective. Each observer saw something different from their geographic location.

Yet it is the same tree.

We can only explain what we see from our perspective.

To see another perspective, involves moving from our location and taking the journey to another persons perspective.

What is the idea that we share about as a concept of heaven?

We each look to the stars, or we look beyond ourselves to a higher way of being.

In every culture, in every discipline, in every ideology, self-control, tolerance, self-love, love of others prevails as higher living and being.

Too few have considered: what virtues do we hold to have common value?

There are few differences between us and much to be celebrated in common.

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