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My war on HUMAN TRAFFICKING begins with a single tear drop on the mountain.

I cried.

Then someone answered my call to empathy as the first person

on Quora to share my call to help end HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

Can we use Quora and other media for good?

Of course we can.

Simply BEGIN. I am drawing your attention to this subject. RAISING YOUR AWARENESS.

Show people what is possible. Those with a heart will listen.

This is not about religion. It is about compassion. In 1880 the word AGGRESSION meant, GET OFF YOUR ASS. Too few were motivated to help the less fortunate.

Catherine Booth,

cofounder of the

Salvation Army

was once asked


“How do you move

people to action?”

Her response,

“Try Tears.”

First Amy Storer cried for victims. I was moved by her tears.

Now there are two tears.

Then there are three tears.

Compassion. Empathy. Action.

Tears combine to become a trickle.

Soon a collective of empathic souls combine

their efforts to become a stream of tears,

the collective conscious to heal the

dignity of the afflicted.


we become

a torrent.

A fast flowing body of pure soul,

ethereal water that carves into the

spiritual darkness upon the earth.

Before long a mighty river of humanity

tears across the earth, rips evil

from its roots.

If like me,

you care for


then search my posts for the one


Share and then share and then share again and again.

So no child ever loses their innocence again. PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT.

* (Note that many references to the TRY TEARS sermon are usually credited to William Booth for the introduction of the concept of empathy. There can be no doubt that William Booth both had and applied, liberal amounts of empathy, because he took on the corporations of his day in social and civil action to stop the exploitation of people who made matches in match factories, poisoned by phosphorus. William Booth took drunkards, alcoholics and homeless people, and made sure they were fed and had somewhere to sleep. To my recollection, Catherine Booth first shared TRY TEARS

in her book of 1880 called AGGRESSIVE CHRISTIANITY. History does not favour honouring women, quite like it does men. My preference is to honour the women who inspired global change.

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