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With a vision, people flourish. Without a vision, people perish.

I make no apology for seeing things differently.

While the Glyniverse is my singular perspective on humanity,

I draw on all perspectives to form my ideology of compassion:

To inspire, encourage

and empower humanity,

to greater self-love

and the love of others, through creativity

and innovation.

I rationalise that anger, aggression, feudalism, isolationism and nationalism are old ways that belong to the past.

A growing trend among empathetic people is to work collectively, to be participative, to seek the highest values of personal and collective dignity through the confluence of our shared interests. This is emotional intelligence. Our capacity for our skills at inter-relationships. Among my videos you will find free training on emotional intelligence. While self-trained at psychology, and without qualification, I have taken great effort to distill all the wisdom that I have learned, which brought me to empathy and compassion. If this appeals to you, you're welcome to tap into the lifetime of commitment that I have to bring dignity to others.

You can follow the projects that are occurring in confluence through which will share stories of how humankind is coming together, as we reach beyond borders, to borderless space. Join for free.

Perhaps the quickest

way to come into

empathy is to

consider the future

dignity of, and for

our children.

What kind

of civilisation

and humanity are we bequeathing to them?

Another quick way to learn about empathy is to look to those who have committed themselves to learn from the mistakes of the past. While most people in the West will not believe this. China has a vision for human dignity. China leads the world in terms of applying empathy in a practical way to ensure the dignity of future generations.

In 2020, China

celebrated the

decades long


of supporting


Chinese citizens

out of poverty.

Although there are real injustices in China, as with all countries, the so called concentration camps, are in fact government sponsored neighbourhoods. Modern cities and local economical ecosystems to pull Chinese regions out of poverty. China has invested heavily for years, to create regional commerce hubs, skills assessment and micro and small business enablement programs to lift citizens out of poverty. Misinformation from the West and from anti Chinese groups, has led to the misconception that China is tyrannical in nature. Yes, the pace of this has been disruptive and sometimes aggressive. However, the end result being, that these regions of new neighbourhoods and micro enterprise leads the world in terms of wholesale improvement of human dignity for 800 million people. No, I am not a member of the Chinese Communist Party and no one in China has solicited this post. I know more about Democracy and Human Rights and live more in accordance with them, than many people.

In fact I am a card carrying citizen of the future of space civilisation and a citizen of Asgardia, the space nation. You can view confirmation of this status for being a visionary pioneer of space civilisation here. No that is not crazy. Space tourism will begin within 10-years. People will be living in space, long-term, within my lifetime. BEYOND BORDERS.

I am among a number of people in leadership who has devoted myself to understanding human rights and social justice causes, I have done this across my entire lifetime. It is because I believe in Human Rights and Democracy that I stand up for other cultures, where others who fail to uphold human rights, by sharing false information to subjugate other cultures and justify attacking them to marginalise and subjugate people to exploit them. This behaviour of survival of the fittest and entitled superiority has to stop.

Racism and


is not being

human right.

This is:




An expert on China Culture and Commerce, I share the stories of over 80 thought leaders (most of them Western) here on on I have helped many of the worlds leading brands to engage China and I am world leading expert in the technology pathway. You are welcome to join membership on this site for free. While I appreciate that my voice and my influence is small, I have been encouraged by over 1.5 million views of my answers of Quora, and many people have written thanking me and inviting me to share more of my ideas for humanity and for curated wisdom.

I will humbly continue to be authentic in my outreach of compassion. I hope that my generation, and older generations can please take a moment to look beyond our self interest, to the legacy of our interest for future generations. I hope that we can elevate our consciousness beyond conflict, to confluence. With Love.

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