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we the people

We are beholden to the collective behavioural ideology, that we are as nations, what we collectively do, or do not do, as a people.

Those of us who do have empathy have a responsibility to educate those who do not.

Australia has a relative history of the callous treatment of various groups of people.

We may (as a nation) put on a good show by throwing money at Aboriginal and other cultural centres, then we (collectively) allow a degraded human experience of these people.

This is clearly a hypocrisy, which may also reflect the incapacity of those who do have empathy, to moderate those who don't.

By law, a person who observes a crime, who doesn't stop it, is an accessory to the fact. Yet our moral laws judge as innocent, those who allow hatred to flourish.

This doesn't apply to you, if you personify the good samaritan virtue.

If YOU live it.

And so the idea might be for those who possess empathy, to extend a message to our networks, that we each and all have a responsibility to uphold the dignity of the other.

If indignity occurs on our watch, during our time, to our observance, we then become accountable for what we allow and for that which we do not speak up to.




is the idea that Eleanor Roosevelt encouraged.

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